Close up photograph of a library bookshelf, with blurry books in the background, and two books laying on their sides in the right foreground. The titles "Maps" and "Maps and Mapmakers" are visible on the spines of the books.


A 90-minute online game. A maze. A secret.

Use clues in the Library to find the Heart of the Archive.

The Archive of Missing Things is open.

The Archive is best experienced in a quiet place with a good internet connection. It requires a desktop or laptop, in full screen mode.

You will have 90 minutes to find the heart. The heart is there to be found.

A beach, in the early evening. The bottom third of the photo is beige sand, the top two thirds is a mostly calm steely blue ocean, and a blue sky feathered with clouds, and a slight orange hue at the horizon. Two figures, spread out on either side of the frame, walk along the beach.
A purple background. In blue lettering "Join TEAM 100" and below it, in mauve: "support us"