Two performers, Stewart Legere on the left and Liliona Quarmyne on the right, appear suspended in mid-air. They are jumping on mini trampolines and have their hands on the handles to steady themselves. Stewart is wearing a pair of bright yellow shorts, a bright yellow headband and wristbands. His legs are spread-eagle and his head is down. Liliona wears teal tights and a purple work-out top, and bright yellow wrist bands. She is sweating and smiling. The background is black. In between them are three logos: one that says "Summerworks" in black letters, with small black lines emanating from the word (like rays of light) on a yellow circular background. The second logo says "The Theatre Centre" in bold white letters, with a square beside it made up of different sized arrows. Finally, a bright orange ZUPPA logo in the shape of a "Z" superimposed over an orange background.

THE MOVEMENTS is heading to SummerWorks Festival(co-presented with The Theatre Centre) this August!

Converting statistics into aerobic movement before your eyes

A high-octane theatre/dance spectacular, and the economics class you never had in school.

It is a show about the global economy in the form of a precisely choreographed 90-minute workout routine.

Covering everything from GDP and the WHO, to wealth inequality and inflation, The Movements examines the mind-boggling complexity of these hot topics in a way that is accessible and endlessly engaging.

August 7, 8:00PM
August 8, 8:00PM
August 9, 5:00PM

The Theatre Centre, Franco Boni Theatre

SummerWorks Performance Festival 2024 (August 1- August 11)

Tickets now on sale!

Original photos by James MacLean

Black and white image of a scrapbook-like collage of drawings, photographs etc with the title The Archive Of Missing Things over top of it and the website archive mainframe.computer below it.
On a yellow background, large crisp text reads "Metu'na'q", in large red block letters, with the text "(coming soon)" just underneath it in smaller black letters