Sophie Schade


A picture of Sophie Schade. She is standing with her arms crossed. She is wearing a set of rainbow patterned overalls, with a white t-shirt underneath. She appears to have been caught mid-laugh.

Sophie Schade (she/her) has been a frequent collaborator with ZUPPA since 2018 (This Is Nowhere). She took on the role of permanent part-time producer in the autumn of 2023.

Sophie is an actor and theatre worker based in Halifax/Kjipuktuk. She studied acting at Dalhousie University and has since branched out to producing, stage management, projections, video editing and film.

Recent work credits include: Lifespan of a Mattress (Think of the Worst Theatre), Long Distance Relationships (2b Theatre), The Movements, At This Hour and This Is Nowhere (Zuppa Theatre), From: Season 2 (MGM), The Station (BARE Theatre), Washington Black (Disney), Henry V, The Wizard of Oz, and Love’s Labour’s Lost (Shakespeare by the Sea), Listen to the Wind and Macbeth (Steady Theatre Co.), What to Expect When You Aren’t Expected (Annie Valentina), and various shows for Dalhousie.