50 Things


50 Things was an app-guided, interactive art adventure in celebration of the Ecology Action Centre’s fiftieth anniversary. Throughout Nova Scotia were fifty original works created by artists from multiple disciplines. Some of the artworks could be experienced directly through a smartphone, while others were physical objects. All were intended to be experienced in a certain place, mindful of the surrounding environment and the history of activism to protect it.

The 50 artworks were created by established and emerging artists from multiple disciplines, commissioned by the EAC, and curated with Zuppa.

You can download the app for iOS from the Apple App Store.

You can download the app for Android from the Google Play Store.


Featuring: kate macdonald, Jacinte Armstrong, Angie Arsenault, Liliona Quarmyne, Jacquie Potvin Boucher, Felipe Bonilla, Kate Phillips, Tara Taylor, Emma Gabriel, Christine Stortini, April Hubbard, Keeper E, Annik Gaudet, Rachel Bruch aka Blue Lobelia, Blaze Fraser, Terra Spencer, Sam Decoste, Kathleen Dorian, Lou Campbell, Keely Hopkins, Megan Fitzgerald, Sarah Gignac, Zonghua Ai, Undine Foulds, George Woodhouse & The Public Service, Victoria Moffatt, Coral Maloney, Aiyana Graham, Shauntay Grant, Jacob Caines, Massiel Piñeiro, Ron Kuwahara, BARE Theatre Co, Richard LeBrasseur, Carley Mullally, Emma Laishram, Dawn Shepherd, Vanessa Furlong, Letitia Fraser, Lou Sheppard, Ali Joy Richardson, Rooks Field-Green, Tyshan Wright, Braden Lam, Dan Bray, NAT chantel, Elizabeth Peirce, Lorne Julien, The Understudies, shalan joudry, Lily Falk