Pop-Up Love Party


What is love?

Pop-Up Love Party reimagines Plato’s Symposium in its quest to define love with all its plagues and pleasures by employing aerobics, holding a kangaroo court, exposing audience passion, and pumping out an infectious pop ballad that will mend broken hearts around the world.

Enriching this roller coaster ride through the depths of desire is a 7-course snack menu created by Dartmouth-born, Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Burns. Burns created the menu specifically for Pop-Up Love Party with flavours and textures to heighten moments of the production.

To be certain, this ain’t no dinner theatre. It’s a philosophical feast, a sensory slip n’ slide, and a theatrical experience so unique it could only come from deep in the pulsing Zuppa heart.

Pop-Up Love Party was developed in part through The Collaborations at Canada’s National Arts Centre.

Pop-Up Love Party was developed by Zuppa Theatre Co. while they were Eastern Front Theatre’s HRM Artist in Residence.