The Archive of Missing Things


The Archive of Missing Things was founded in order to collect, catalogue and store all missing objects that are in the world. The Archive was built around a secret.”

The Archive of Missing Things is an online game based on the critically-acclaimed show by Zuppa. You have 90 minutes to explore a maze-like archive in search of the secret at its centre. Toggling between different views can reveal clues: if you look and listen closely enough, you may just notice them.

A meditative quest for the age of rising sea levels.

Pricing: $2 single play/ $5 unlimited play

Access the game HERE.

Based on the show selected as one of the Best Productions and Best Ensembles in Now Magazine’s 2019 Summerworks Festival Wrap-Up.

“a hypnotic experience that takes on more layers of mystery and intrigue as it goes on. NNNN.” – Now Magazine, Toronto

“… one of the most incredible experiences with performance art that I’ve had in recent memory.” – Mooney on Theatre, Toronto

“Imagine a high-tech theatrical hybrid of the works of Marcel Proust and the Myst series of computer adventure games, and you’re in the ballpark of where Zuppa Theatre Co. is playing.” – Local Express, Halifax